telefunken_logo.gif (3624 Byte)

Telefunken 800  Mixing Console (picture)
20 channel, V676 mic pre's, ANT Equalizers, Neumann compressors, discrete layout


Logo_neumann.jpg (2959 Byte)

2x Neumann U-47, 1x Neumann U-57, 2x Neumann U-47fet, 
2x Neumann KM 254, 1x Neumann M 147, 2x Neumann TLM 170, 
2x Neumann TLM 103, 1x AKG C-12VR, 2x Schoeps MK4, 
2x Bruel&Kjaer 4011, 2x Royer Ribbon, 1x AKG-414 and others...


logo_emt.gif (2245 Byte) Outboard
EMT 140 valve stereo reverb, EMT 240 goldplate, EMT 246 digital reverb, EMT 251 digital reverb, Quantec QRS, AKG BX20 spring reverb, Lexicon 480L, EMT 445 digital delay, Manley Compressor, Empirical Distressor, TubeTech LC2A compressor, 5x Telefunken V76 mic pre's

logo_weiss.gif (2720 Byte) Mastering
LAVRY Gold Mk III AD and DA converters, WEISS ADC1-MK2 converter, WEISS DAC1 converter, WEISS DS1-MK2 compressor, SADIE 2496 Mastering System, Pro Tools 24 Mastering System, Geithein RL 904 control monitors, Tannoy Westminster Monitors, Fairman all tube TMC Compressor and TMEQ Equalizer "Special Edition", PENDULUM Tube Compressor


telefunken_logo.jpg (1591 Byte) Tape machines
2x Telefunken M15A 2"- 24track analog tape machine with telcom noisereduction, 1x Telefunken M15a 1/4" analog tape machine, 1x Telefunken M15a 1/2" analog tape machine, 24 channel Dolby SR
2x TASCAM DA-78HR 24bit 8-track digital recorder


Bechstein B-88 Grand Piano, Hammond B3, Wurlitzer E-piano, Selmer Varitone, Premier Jazz Drumset